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ruth rosner
Ruth Rosner
Ruth's Story

Seven years ago I followed, or rather was coerced by three of my children to join them in Vinnie Marino’s yoga class.  Yoga soon became the source of mental and physical support at the end of a stressful workday.

Practicing yoga has enriched my life by helping me to be present, aware of my breathing and supporting my mediation practice.  I am also very grateful to be practicing yoga and especially rewarded when my children are practicing in the same class. I look forward to having my nine grandchildren in the same class.

thornton dickerson
Thornton G. Dickerson
Thornton's Story

The practice has strengthened my level of self-awareness, it has offered me calmness, peace and a focus unlike any other discipline.  The challenges and stress we face in our lives today have been taxing, the practice has been a natural way to release these frustrations.  I practice approximately 5 to 6 times per week (mostly Toni Wilkey’s classes).  I’m able to stay in the moment on the mat and leave the outside world behind.   I am a widower, have a 21 year old daughter and have been raising her on my own for the last 13 years… now that’s enough of a reason to practice, ha, ha!!

amy dewhurst
Amy Dewhurst
Amy's Story

For nearly a decade I had been running my mind and body on coffee, chocolate and a hardcore blackberry addiction. Overworked and underpaid, I was compelled to take Sara Ivanhoe’s Detox Workshop, completely unaware of the positive life changes it would inspire.

Each challenging posture was executed three times; once for body, once for mind and once for our highest self. "What am I willing to give up?" She asked (over a soundtrack of Sanskrit Chants & The Rolling Stones). Om Lam. Surprising answers revealed themselves from deep within; I am willing to give up sugar, I am willing to give up tardiness, I am willing to forgive. The next round of sweat-inducing vinyasas continued; I am willing to give up exercise excuses, I am willing to turn my phone off for an hour a day, I am willing to love myself (as I am!). Like shedding unnecessary layers of a lesser-self I left that steamy room a glowing version of who I was to become. These small but strong changes lead to a committed practice, a surge in creativity and renewed confidence.

I attended Sara's classes at first once, then twice, and ultimately 3-5 times a week. Within this time I landed my dream job, was accepted to my top school and secured a FULL grant. I owe my life to YogaWorks. Thank you for creating a sacred space in which I was safe to transform! It's no mistake I stumbled into Sara Ivanhoe's class that day (Coffee, chocolate and blackberry in hand).