Urban Zen Trainings

Level I

Level I trainings provide instruction for 100 hours of the 500-hour program, which focuses on self-care and serves as a prerequisite for Level II. Classes typically run for 6 weekends, with 1 modality per weekend and integration of all modalities culminating in the last weekend. Opportunities to experience and teach what's learned are given in the training itself and as assignments in between sessions.

Upcoming Trainings
Los Angeles
Hazel Patterson 
September 27 - December 7 | Westlake Village
New York
Kirtan Smith 
October 4 - December 14 | Soho

Level II

Level II training, which will be available in 2014, will continue the UZIT training to shift the focus to professional practice in the healthcare community. Level II will be comprised of in-class sessions, practicums, mentorships with UZIT teachers, and 100 hours of clinical rotation practice.

No upcoming trainings.