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Natasha Senkovich
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Natasha began practising pilates to help ease tension in her lower back. It took her over a year of consistent
practice, but pilates changed her whole body and her approach to fitness and well being. Correcting various postural and body issues through years of bad habits (tight hamstrings, rounded shoulders), and raising body awareness was a life-changing journey. She is now able to bring her increased understanding of the mind-body connection, and compassion, developed through her own struggles, to her clients. She especially loves correcting lower back issues and tight hamstrings!

Also a professional belly dancer, Natasha has been performing for over 15 years. Although she now mostly does solo shows, she has been a part of various dance companies. She also extensively studied dance in Egypt with top dancers and choreographers and produced, also in Egypt, a documentary and several instructional belly dance DVD’s.

Practicing pilates greatly improved Natasha’s strength, flexibility, and her dance style. She is happy to join the YogaWorks pilates team and have the opportunity to share the many life changing benefits of pilates with all of you!