New To Yoga?
New To Yoga
Are you curious about what happens in a yoga studio? Want to know how to get started? Watch this brief video for some tips and a sneak peek…

Why Yoga
Yoga is more than a physical practice, it is also a mindful practice. Yoga allows you to stay present and internally balanced, to enjoy good health and a lean body through the principles of breath, alignment and movement. Specific benefits of yoga include: reduced stress, lower cortisol levels, sound sleep, lower blood pressure, diminished anxiety, reduced muscle tension and an overall sense of well-being. You can enjoy these benefits in classes ranging from Restorative or Gentle Yoga or Vinyasa Flow.

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amy dewhurst
Amy Dewhurst
Home Studio: Santa Monica - Main

“Through the yogic practice of self-acceptance I learned to love deeper, smile brighter and consciously give thanks....I’ve emerged 15 pounds lighter a lifetime happier. “