Pilates is the ideal compliment to your yoga practice or perfect on its own.

Pilates is a system of movement that focuses on breath, healthy joint articulation, and stability in the core muscles of the body that are essential for optimal strength and flexibility. Pilates is a great compliment to support your other activities, ranging from yoga to golf, or it can make you feel better on its own as you move through life.

Achieve long, strong, lean, toned muscles in private Pilates sessions or Pilates equipment classes.

We offer a variety of Pilates options, including special introductory private single and duet sessions for new students. Contact us for details.


  • Group Equipment Classes

    Small group setting classes utilizing the Pilates Reformer equipment. A private session is required to help familiarize you with the adjustable ropes, pulleys, springs, the jumpboard, the Pilates circle and the Pilates ball, Pilates short and long box, and carriage system.

  • Pilates Mat

    These total-body conditioning mat classes are a great introduction to Pilates. Students learn proper form, breathing techniques, and how to use their "powerhouse" (core) most effectively.

  • Privates

    One-on-one instruction to maximize the benefits of a Pilates practice. Privates provide you a safe and nurturing space to build a personalized practice with our expertly-trained instructors monitoring your form and alignment throughout.

  • Specials

    We offer great introductory privates specials for new students. Take advantage and start achieving your leaner, longer, and stronger body today!