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RYT-200, RN, MS


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    In Studio

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My inspiration is the natural world and being part of that whole. Completely in awe of the beauty, splendor and sheer magnificence of nature, I am not only inspired, but filled with joy and wonderment of the miracle of life and all living things. Not only are we all connected to each other, we are all connected with and part of something beyond our limited comprehension, and through the stillness that yoga begets, awareness, or perhaps an awakening to that connectedness, will be an inspiration to us all.

Why I Practice

A long-distance runner with typical runner's ailments, I began practicing yoga in 2006 for the physical benefits. Along the way, something shifted and I found my practice was not only offering me physical benefits, but also was nourishing my soul and spirit, bringing me to a place where I felt more balanced, peaceful and whole. As I continue to practice, it is always evolving and supporting the ever changing me!

Why I Teach

I teach because I want to share what I've learned and am still learning! I want everyone to know that yoga is something that anyone and everyone can do, that it meets you where you are, and that it has something to offer everybody and Every Body. I truly believe that the more folks who find the practice, the better off our world will be. So my hope is that my teaching will be a part of something greater, a contribution toward that end.

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