Amy Nusbaum


Training Certifications:

RN, 200 E-RYT, 500 RYT, 800 RYT


  • Amy teaches:

    In Studio

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In 2009, I studied with Kim Manfredi and received my 200hr certification at CCY. In 2011, I received my Yoga For Golfers certification from Katherine Roberts’. The thought of combining the love of golf, with the mind-body aspect of yoga to improve my game and help others improve their game was a win, win!

Why I Practice

I walked onto a yoga mat after years of beating my body up physically and mentally. I knew as a nurse, personal trainer, and nutritionist there had a to be a better way to take care of myself.

Why I Teach

When you walk into my class you will notice all aspects of mind-body, breath, orientation, gait and alignment. The goal when you leave is that slide glide and sheer with ever step you take!

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