Bebe Chianni Lin


Training Certifications:

500-Hour RYT, Advanced Relax & Renew Restoratives with Judith Lasater, Pre & Post-Natal Yoga Certified, Trance Dance Training, featured in Yoga Journal and Yoga Journal’s Complete Home Practice DVD series


  • Bebe Chianni teaches:

    In Studio

  • Teaching Locations:

    South Bay

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My grandparents, My teachers David Swenson, Clayton Horton, Annie Carpenter, Ramanand Patel, Judith Lasater, Karl Erb, Lisa Walford, Paul Cabanis, Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, Erich Schiffmann, Jason Crandell, Chris Tompkins and John Friend

Why I Practice

It has been an important part of me and my life growing up, and helps me to connect with my inner self. It allows me to grow stronger not only physically but mentally too. Most importantly, however, through the practice of yoga I have found a way to connect on a level of empathy, compassion, and love.

Why I Teach

I have the passion to spread and share my knowledge and love of yoga allowing other people to also experience the joy of yoga. My intention is to provide a supportive natural place for exploration between mind, body, breath, heart and soul. I love to move the practice of my students to the next level.

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