Caitlyn Visconte

YOGA INSTRUCTOR & Teacher trainer

Training Certifications:

YogaWorks Teacher Training 200-hour
PreNatal Yoga Teacher Training
E-RYT 200


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I am most influenced by my teacher Raghunath and equally as inspired by his teacher Radhanath Swami.

Why I Practice

Opening the body, finding spaciousness and ease in the tissues, muscles and fascia sets the stage for the journey inward. Through dedication, sweat and effort- we can find ease and quiet in the mind, and centering in the heart. The practice of yoga goes far beyond flight, although you'll grow wings on the way. Yoga is an opportunity to deepen the most important relationship we have in this lifetime, the one with ourselves.

Why I Teach

I want students to take a closer look at the internal landscapes of their mind and hearts. For many of us, the easiest and most accessible way to do this is through the body. My class themes vary weekly, but the style is always a dynamic and fluid flow with opportunities to arm balance, and play with inversions. We all require a unique amount of physicality to feel nourished and supported and that need may change from day to day. My hope is that students feel empowered to make intelligent decisions on the mat, honoring yourself by adding in that which nourishes you, and taking out what doesn't. I am here to support & encourage a lifelong, sustainable & healthy yoga practice.

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