Caleb Asch


Training Certifications:

1995 Bryan Kest Teacher Training, 1997 YogaWorks Teacher Training with Maty Ezrati, Lisa Walford, and Chuck Miller, Workshops with Shandor Remete, Dona Holliman, Aadil Pakilhava, Kofi Anon, and Gabriella Guibilaro


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Bryan Kest for his soulful practice, and generosity, Maty Ezrati, for her precision and loving guidance, Chuck Miller for his attention to foundation, Lisa Walford, for her absolute integrity, Chad Hamrin for his amazing knowledge and experience.

Why I Practice

It's my way of communing. With my body, and with a deeper part of my self. To go inward and purify. I guess the better way to say it is to wring myself out physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and then to "true" myself on all those levels. Re-alignment of my body and soul.

Why I Teach

Because I love it. I am called to make a difference and teaching allows me the privilege of seeing the difference I make in people’s bodies.

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