Catherine Munro


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Catherine is YogaWorks certified.


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I feel blessed to have “grown up” with Yoga Works in terms of my practice. I didn’t realized what discipline and dedication really meant until Chuck and Maty as well as Lisa Walford led the way for me. I still hear their voices in my head.  I do also take inspiration from wherever I find it, even from the mouth of my five year old son. 


Why I Practice

First of all because I can’t imagine not practicing! The practice has done so much for me; built confidence, developed strength that is as much inner as outer, and made me gain an understanding of the true nature of patience.  My daily practice which begins as the sun rises every morning wipes the chalk board of my mind and being clean for the day. 

Why I Teach

I always wanted to be a teacher, I just didn’t know the subject would be yoga.  I guess you could say I love to share.  As my practiced developed and I began to experience some of its magical effects I felt compelled to share my experience and insights with others and spread the well-being as far and wide as I can.

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