Cathy Orr


Training Certifications:

200 Hours Yoga Teachers Training
150 Yoga Works - Practical
42 Hours Max Strom Teacher's Training
Yin Yoga Module
Therapeutic Yoga Training Program


  • Cathy teaches:

    In Studio

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The first yoga teacher that influenced me the most was the teacher that I took my first teachers training with. She became a yogi late in life and it literally saved her life. She inspired me to keep learning and always enjoy each moment. 

The second yoga teacher that has inspired me is Max Strom. He taught me that yoga is so much more than a physical practice. It is a sacred practice using your breath to connect with your vital lifeforce

Why I Practice

My practice has become a journey of healing and joy both physically and emotionally. Beginning each practice assessing how my mind and body is connected always becomes a surprise when I finish and re-assess. To see how profoundly it has changed me inspires me to share what I know with others.

Why I Teach

My yoga journey began over 20 years ago as a curious student searching for an alternative to aerobics and running. I signed up for my first yoga class and I was hooked. In 2004, my desire to share the exceptional benefits of yoga led me to my path of becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor. The rewards are too many to mention but I especially love to witness the growth, strength, and confidence of students looking to improve their quality of life. The emphases of my classes have been to provide the form, foundation, and benefits of each pose creating an atmosphere for a safe and joyful practice. Over the years, I have found that teaching beginners is a pleasure and a privilege; finding in them the same curiosity and enthusiasm that I began with as a student. I continue my unending yoga path by attending ongoing teachers trainings and workshops, not only with Yoga Works, but also with other amazing master teachers that continue to influence me.

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