Chris Armas


Training Certifications:

YogaWorks 500-Hour Teacher Training


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I'm inspired by anyone who has overcome adversity. There is something honorable...almost sacred...about someone defying the odds and achieving their wildest dreams. It's often a blend of will power and faith in something greater than themselves.

Why I Practice

Getting on the mat once a day is like any other necessity in life (eating, sleeping,...taking a shower:)

If I don't spend at least 15-90 minutes clearing tension from my body and my mind, I notice it for the rest of the's like if you forget to brush your teeth. There may not be any visible signs, but you feel it between your teeth!

Why I Teach

At this point in my teaching career, it's about sharing what I've learned, and providing a safe environment for students to do something for themselves. Using the poses as a portal to look within rather that looking out for fulfillment.

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