Colleen Millen


Training Certifications:

Forrest Yoga 200-Hour Teaching Training, Mamaste Pre and Postnatal Teacher Training, Let’s Play Yoga (for kids) certification, Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training, Forrest Yoga Mentor Teacher Continuing Education, Yogaworks 50-hour "bridge" training, ERYT 500-Hour. Currently earning my master's of somatic psychology with JFK University.


  • Colleen teaches:

    In Studio

  • Teaching Locations:

    Walnut Creek

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Somatic Psychology, My Yoga (Depression class series)

Why I Practice

Through Forrest Yoga and various body-based modalities, I have met my Spirit and made peace with my experience of depression, anxiety and eating disorder. Yoga helps me meet my experience with grace and presence.

Why I Teach

My intention is to serve my students with great care, integrity and lightness of heart. I'm inspired by authentic expression of truth and seeing it expressed in many forms. I also have the honor and delight to teach teachers how to find their authentic selfs and bring that forth in yoga.

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