Desiree Bartlett


Training Certifications:

Planet Yoga Beginning & Intermediate Certifications
Saul David Raye Teacher Training Certification
Shiva Rea Vinyasa Advanced Certification
Tamal Dodge Certification
Fit For Birth
Golden Bridge Mommy & Me Yoga
SmartFlow™ Pre&Post-Natal Teacher Trainer
NCCPT Certified
AFAA Certified


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My children inspire me everyday. The ability to see the world with wonder and 'new eyes,' is a huge gift.

Why I Practice

Our breath is with us from the moment that we enter this world until we depart. The practice of Yoga allows us to dance with the breath and tap into our infinite selves as we do so. As a busy Mom of 2 wonderful boys, returning to the feeling of touching the infinite brings me more peace and a sense of being centered. I feel like my practice makes me a better Mom.

Why I Teach

I love to allow movement to reflect an inner state of joy. As a Mom I know that the practice of Yoga during pregnancy and beyond can empower Moms to feel strong in their bodies. The joy of knowing that you are about to meet one of the loves of your lives is a beautiful experience to integrate into the practice. After the babies are born, watching them giggle and smile throughout Mommy & me classes makes my heart very full.

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