Emily Watcher


Training Certifications:

Charm City Yoga Hatha Yoga Training - 200-Hour
Charm City Yoga Prenatal Yoga Training - 85-Hour


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I have always found grounding and comfort in movement. Before I began practicing yoga, I was a modern dancer and choreographer in college. I love finding expression through movement. After graduating, I moved away from my dance family and wanted to explore a different form of movement. That’s when I found the practice of yoga. I was initially drawn to the physical asana practice, but I soon found that yoga benefitted my mind, heart, and soul like nothing I had ever experienced before. Yes, the physical asana practice keeps my body happy, but I come back to my mat each day for the mental-calming and soul-soothing practice.

Why I Practice

I practice to find peace and mental clarity. My physical asana practice allows me to find strength and surrender in my body, while my meditation and breath practices allow me to feel at peace in my mind and soul. My practice is a precious part of my life, one that I keep coming back to each day.

Why I Teach

I teach to share my practice! I want my students to experience the benefits of yoga in a safe and supportive environment. Being able to share what I've experienced is an incredible opportunity.

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