Erin Wilson


Training Certifications:

  • YogaWorks 450-hour Comprehensive Pilates
  • YogaWorks Pilates Teacher Training - Mat Pilates Certified
  • Masters in Education from University of California at Davis


  • Erin teaches:

    In Studio

  • Teaching Locations:


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Our body is an instrument. It carries us through life and when we care for and strengthen it, we are able to do so much more.

Why I Practice

After many years of competitive swimming, I wanted to find a workout that challenged my body in new ways. I have developed a stronger core than I have ever had through the practice of Pilates. Pilates is invigorating, strengthening, and not to mention fun! I have developed better posture, alignment and core strength which aids to my well being in my daily activities.

Why I Teach

I want everyone to experience the incredible strength they have in their own body. Pilates helps unlock the physical strength we all have. Pilates also restores strength that has been lost through physical injury or limitation. With a focus on the core, Pilates develops strength of the "powerhouse" unlocking deep strength from the body's center.

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