Jennifer Elliott

YOGA INSTRUCTOR & Teacher trainer

Training Certifications:

100-Hour Vitality College of Healing Arts, 35-Hour Santa Barbara Yoga Center Paul Grilley and Scott Blossom Anatomy, 35-Hour Santa Barbara Yoga Center-Scott Blossom Yoga History and Philosophy, 200-Hour YogaWorks Teacher Training at Westlake Village, 300-Hour Loyola Marymount University Yoga Therapy, 10-Hour Pauly Zink Yin Yoga Teacher Training


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Organic foods, Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins

Why I Practice

I practice yoga for my body, mind and spirit. I love the physical challenge of the practice, the focus of the mind and breath, and I leave with a connection to something greater than me.

Why I Teach

I love to teach yoga because it is fun to find creative ways to use a physical practice to share knowledge with your students about the physical and subtle body. I really enjoy teaching students anatomy because I love to watch them get excited about it the way I do when they understand how the body works. It gives them the power to know what poses are best for their bodies and which to avoid.

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