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While there are many incredible people who have guided and inspired me, my daily inspiration comes from watching transformation happen on and off the mat - through my students, through those practicing next to me, and through feeling the practice in my own body. Yoga is not something we do; it is something we live and something we are. I am continuously humbled and inspired by those I walk this path with.

Why I Practice

Yoga has opened me up to an entire world of experience that I didn't even know existed. Through yoga I've discovered levels of physical fierceness, spiritual strength and mental presence that I'd never before encountered within myself. Yoga is my home – my place to return to through the thick and the thin of life.

Why I Teach

My experience is that the best teachers are the ones who are deeply dedicated to their own personal practice. One day I woke up and realized that the best way to continue expanding in my own practice was to offer it to others, and I wasted no time in registering for my yoga teacher training program. Having the opportunity to teach what I love is a tremendous honor and privilege.

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