Jessica Schmidt


Training Certifications:

YogaWorks Teacher Training 200-hour
YogaWorks Teacher Training 300-hour
Urban Zen Integrative Therapy
Reiki Master


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My mentors Mia Togo who blends creative flow with deep energetic and spiritual work, and Lainie Devina, Nona Chiang, and David Kim who cultivated my love of alignment and showed me how hard a level 1 class can be! I'm also inspired by cherry blossoms, Kandinsky, caramel + salt ice cream, old-fashioned kick pottery wheels, Rumi, Tom's Shoes and other conscious companies, and road trips to Sedona.

Why I Practice

Yoga is the most transformative process I know to revealing our true selves. I love learning to love myself through all the different poses, breathing techniques, and meditations that yoga encompasses. From my first class 11 years ago, yoga has supported me through multiple career changes, a divorce, moving to LA from Toronto, and finding my passion as a teacher. I practice everything from vinyasa 2/3 to Restoratives and find an adaptive practice a gift to myself.

Why I Teach

Experienced students enjoy the integration of creative sequencing with breathwork and meditation found in my classes. Beginner yogis enjoy the clarity, trust, and gentle encouragement I offer. My students are all levels, and every class is different. I teach to facilitate experiences of unconditional love and deep transformation. What we create on the mat shows up in every aspect of our lives and I also share these yoga tools with my executive coaching clients.

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