Joe Cilmi


Training Certifications:

Iyengar Introductory level 2


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Instantaneous Transformation is a new technology for shedding light on the nuances of life’s triumphs and trials. It allows one to see my foibles without judging oneself and reveals passions, intuition, and creative power. It is based in honesty and humor and generosity in a way that opens doors and gives me a sense of wonder and lightness.

Why I Practice

Yoga is a down to earth way to take care of myself and others physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have healed my back, neck, knees, shoulder’s, with yoga and live an active lifestyle as a result. My teachers and students inspire and teach me to be courageous and humble.

Why I Teach

Teaching allows me to discover myself in real time and zero in on what my students need in each moment. I get lots of information just by observing and listening to them. They often experience a state of health and inner calm that is unique and inspiring to themselves and others as well.

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