Julie Dohrman


Training Certifications:

Certified Anusara® Yoga, apprentice for John Friend, extensive study with scholars Douglas Brooks and Paul Muller-Ortega


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    In Studio

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Kula/Community, astrology, beaches, deserts, sunflowers, cats

Why I Practice

Yoga brings me to a centered place in my being, where I remember again and again that life is a gift and my practice is a blessing. Through yoga I’ve learned to heal the places inside that feel most hurt, but also to unfold to the most ecstatic joy. I love practicing Anusara because it embraces the full spectrum of life and honors the pulsation of movement as a gift of grace.

Why I Teach

I love sharing such an amazing practice with others, and guiding them to their own revelations of heart and body/mind. To have a student leave class feeling better in their bodies and more in love with themselves is the most gratifying experience a teacher can have.

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