Julie Graham


Training Certifications:

500-Hour Certified
Restorative Certified
Certified Health Coach
Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner


  • Julie teaches:

    In Studio

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I am continually inspired by the vastness of yoga's teachings, my mentors, fellow teachers and students. Yoga gives me the space and time to be mindful, explore new things, and express self love. My mantra is simply, "One breath at a time...."

Why I Practice

I practice yoga because it aligns me with my center, my source. Through the union of body, mind and breath, yoga helps me find better balance, strength and flexibility on my mat...and off. Each time I practice yoga, I am invited into the present moment in a relaxing and energizing way.

Why I Teach

I teach yoga because the benefits are too great not to share! Teaching allows me to witness "transformation in action" with my students, whether they're breathing more fully, twisting into a pose, or surrendering into Savasana. I consider it a privilege to teach yoga--a sacred discipline rooted in philosophy and tradition.

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