Kaitlin Kenny



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    In Studio

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    Back Bay

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I'm inspired to both practice and teach by the amazing people I have in my life. I find that the best way to grow and learn is to focus on the many attributes of those around me. Perhaps most importantly, I am inspired by my students who keep me learning every day. Being a student is one of life's greatest gifts, and I hope to bring that perspective with me as I continue on my teaching path.

Why I Practice

I practice because of what yoga has brought me off the mat--that has kept me hooked. I practice to be the best version of myself, whether that means pushing myself physically on the mat or challenging myself in everyday life by going outside my comfort zone and being as mindful and compassionate on the mat as I strive to be on it.

Why I Teach

I teach to bring my students the same joy I find in practicing. I strive to teach a physically vigorous alignment-based practice that is tempered by a great sense of humor. The more you laugh at yourself on and off the mat, the easier it is to be understanding of your fellow humans.

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