Katina Brock


Training Certifications:

AEA Aquatic Exercise Instructor
AFAA Group Exercise Instructor
Arthritis Foundation
YMCA Mat Pilates
NASM Personal Trainer
AFAA Kickboxing Instructor
NASM Personal Trainer
TRX Group RIP Training (L1)
TRX Suspension Training (L1)


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Our bodies are amazing gifts from God through which we experience every aspect of our existence! Because of that, I am grateful and humbled and strive to be a good steward of my gift. Second, are the people I work with at The Biggest Loser who work out 6 hours a day – if they can do it, we have no excuses!

Why I Practice

Using my body through movement brings me joy on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Why I Teach

When I share my passion and knowledge of health and fitness, I get so much more in return. But my husband says, it's really because I just like to tell people what to do!

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