Laura Burkhart


Training Certifications:

200-Hour Hatha Certification, 200-Hour Smart Flow Jason Crandell Certification, 275-Hour with Shiva Rea


  • Laura teaches:

    In Studio, Online

  • Teaching Locations:

    San Francisco

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People being themselves, following their dreams and using the gifts and talents they have been given, learning how to take good care of themselves as well as passionate about finding ways to take care of people in destitute situations around the world.

Why I Practice

Connects me to my breath, calms and opens my mind, makes me more attuned with my body and relaxes me so I can connect with my spirit. I love when the mind, body and spirit come together and dance.

Why I Teach

I want people to have the opportunity to take a break from the stress of their daily lives, connect with their breath and body, release their thoughts, and learn about the mind and body God has given them.

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