Lesley Logan


Training Certifications:

600 hour Pilates Comprehensive Training Power Pilates
Masters Pilates Teacher Training The Pilates Center Boulder, CO
The Work with Jay Grimes


  • Lesley teaches:

    In Studio

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I love helping people find the strength they have within themselves when they think something is impossible, and, in time, the impossible becomes possible all because they showed up and tried. Seeing them "get it" is an incredible inspiration.

Why I Practice

Practicing Pilates and yoga is more than just a workout for me. It's a chance to connect with myself. Every time I hit the mat I get to see where I am at that moment and focus on getting closer to where I want to be by the time I leave. Stronger, present and fabulously fierce.

Why I Teach

Pilates is such a unique form of fitness, and many people still do not know who Joseph Pilates was and the gift he left us. I teach so that others may know the incredible benefits of Pilates.

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