Liz Potarazu


Training Certifications:

Charm City Yoga 200-hour


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Liz finds inspiration from fun, athletic and breath-centered practices. She finds inspiration from the feeling of power that accompanies her time on the mat.

Why I Practice

Yoga found Liz in 2010. Her start on the mat was the result of a seemingly simple New Year’s resolution: do yoga once a week. Beginning her practice in San Francisco in a gym setting, she quickly moved to a studio where her true passion for yoga was ignited. Liz has been practicing yoga consistently since then and has truly found a life beyond her wildest dreams - one filled with hope, serenity and amazing people. Liz is no stranger to stress – she’s had high-pressure jobs in New York City, San Francisco, Baltimore and now Annapolis. But even through this stress, Liz has maintained a blessed and healthful life, one that she attributes wholeheartedly to her yoga practice (and a healthy dose of laughter).

Why I Teach

Liz knows that the best way to keep anything is to give it away - she feels called to teach her students acceptance and compassion for themselves and for others, all while having fun!

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