Mackenzie Ferraro


Training Certifications:

BarWorks® Teacher Training
SculptWorks® Teacher Training
BA in Dance


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I have always been inspired by others who have the passion for teaching. I think it takes a special person to be able to connect with everyone and to make sure everyone in the room is comfortable. I am mostly inspired by my mom who is a personal trainer and has changed the lives of many of her clients. She has taught me to be humble in my practice and how to push people in the right way.

Why I Practice

I wasn't always someone who liked to go to the gym and work out. Once I discovered barre and sculpting class I fell in love with how it made my body feel. As a professional dancer, I am expected to maintain a certain body type and health status. I have found that these two types of workouts have helped me gain the muscle and strength I need to succeed in my career.

Why I Teach

I teach because I find it important to share my knowledge. I enjoy helping my clients feel good, and I always try to get to know every single one of them on a personal level. I teach because I feel as though I am someone who passes no judgment to anybody that walks into my studio. I encourage everyone to try their best but to also work at their own pace as to maintain their own personal growth and health journey.

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