Marie Triplett


Training Certifications:

200 & 300-hr CYT Charm City Yoga


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I am inspired by everything from music, to food, to nature, but I am most inspired by my children...their innocence and view of the world is so pure and untarnished that I constantly find myself using the lessons they have taught me to grow as a student and a teacher.

Why I Practice

My practice reminds me that I am beautifully imperfect. Time spent on my mat is a journey of self exploration that continues to evolve and I am fascinated with the ways I learn and grow off the mat as a result. Bottom line- I am a better person because of yoga.

Why I Teach

Giving my students space to explore their own mind, body, & spirit is one of the most satisfying experiences. Helping people find tools to use off the mat, the same way I have, has blessed my life in ways I can never fully express.

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