Martha McAlpine


Training Certifications:

RYT 200/500, EdM


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My primary inspiration is my morning practice: Kundalini, movement and breath, meditation, then reading and writing. From there everything else takes shape. I cook, hike, swim, cycle every week. My body's movement makes shift and energy in my mind. My teachers are Elena Brower and Kia Miller. I study and write every day, inspired by what I don't know coming clear; seeing the ideas of others, their art and their perspectives enlightening my own.

Why I Practice

Practice recalibrates me. Like a scale at the grocery, used over and over, by the end of the day even though it rests empty, it shows a reading on the scale. Yoga in all its forms of meditation, pranayama, energetics, asana, resets my sense of self back to center. My thoughts settle, my choices are clearer. Who I chose to be is enacted more easily. I come to my mat to touch with intimate tenderness, the heart of who I am.

Why I Teach

I am made to teach. By teaching I understand. By teaching I connect with my community. By teaching I can explore the experience of body and bones that we all share, and how to touch the bright energy at its heart. Teaching brings me home and allows me to serve and grow all at once.

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