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I fell in love with yoga and my teacher, Felicia Rousseau when I took my first class, over 30 years ago. My teacher had escaped from war torn Romania by digging and crawling under a barbed-wire fence at the age of 14 with her younger brother, after her parents were captured. She eventually ended up in India where she lived and studied in an ashram for over 20 years. Stories about her immense losses and traumas and how her yoga practice helped her to access a deep courage within helped me see the benefits of yoga beyond just the physical practice. She was a gifted teacher whose presence and embodiment of yogic philosophy inspired me to pursue the yogi path. Countless other teachers I have studied with and learned from too, in person and from their books, have inspired me along this path towards healing and awakening.

Why I Practice

Yoga has shown me several practices that have enriched my life and helped me towards greater inner peace: being present in the moment, open hearted, clear headed, and connected to what is most essential for maintaining balance and steadiness in my life. Yogic philosophy gives me concrete tools and a clear structure for radically taking care of myself and being in charge of my life, and for navigating the myriad of challenges and choices in the world. Practicing allows me to surrender obstacles, wring out accumulated tension, realign, recalibrate, refresh, and renew. When my body is strong, flexible, balanced, and aligned, from asana and pranyama practice, my dedication, passion, and determination are stronger in creating a life of service; my thinking is more flexible and open-minded; my emotions are less reactive and more balanced, and I align with integrity. In a personal sense, my practice has supported me in creating greater harmony in my significant relationships, mothering my children, and through the many turns and twists of shaping my career as a psychotherapist, meditation and yoga teacher. In a spiritual sense, yoga gives me opportunities for dissolving my ego and intimately invoking my True & Awaking Nature.

Why I Teach

Naturally, I want to share my love of yoga and the jewels of the yogi path that have benefited me. I am passionate about sharing this ancient healing art as medicine to sooth the pain and relieve the suffering that come with being human. What happens on the mat is a microcosm of everyday life. How my students witness their process and respond to the challenges of the asanas (postures) and pranyama (conscious breathing), are opportunities to experiment with meeting edges in less reactive and more mindful ways. I love witnessing the evolution of dedicated students form a sense of community in my classes, sharing their vulnerabilities and strengths, supporting and inspiring each other with their practice, breath, and presence. I am deeply moved when my students share stories of how yoga has enriched and transformed their lives. The nourishment I receive from my students inspires me to craft and create sequences that are woven together by meaningful threads as stories and themes.

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