Monica Schuller


Training Certifications:

Mat Pilates at Power Pilates, Continuing education with reformer training, Enrolled in YogaWorks Teacher Training


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Living life to the fullest, health and fitness

Why I Practice

I really fell into Pilates. I was in a major car accident and sustained many injuries. My doctor wanted to do back surgery on me and it was not an option for me as I have been athletic all of my life. After months in a neck brace and a very limited ability to walk without pain I finally told my doctor “enough, I want my life back.” and said “ I am done with pain killers.” I moved on to a different place for physical therapy where they encouraged me to try Pilates. It was hard work, but I started seeing a difference. I loved the exercises and kept improving. I eventually got all of my mobility back.

Why I Teach

The most satisfying thing about teaching Pilates is seeing my students improve and feel a difference in the way they feel about themselves. Whether it is gaining more flexibility, doing an exercise correctly or doing all of the repetitions!!

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