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I am inspired by the journey and the challenge of the practice. It makes you slow down and appreciate things you would not, challenge long held beliefs, and makes you realize the power you have inside yourself. The fact that the practice of yoga can be wildly different but still is accessible to anybody. that I am blessed by the many amazing skilled and passionate teachers I’ve learned from since starting my practice. I’d like to mention Will Walter who I’ve studied with since the start of my practice, and Kim Manfredi, who I studied with to get my 200hr certification.

Why I Practice

I started practicing to help recover from a running injury while trying to change my physical health around. Through yoga, running (injury free!), and more mindful eating habits, I got off cholesterol medication and changed my life around. These physical benefits are only part of the reason. The practice is always a challenge, always changing, and always affording me the opportunity to learn something new. I take these lessons off the mat to make myself a better person, husband, and father.

Why I Teach

Put simply the impacts of my practice have been so meaningful that I wanted others to have the opportunity for that kind of transformation. The desire to teach was a natural extension of my passion and curiosity for the practice. My goal is to create a space for my students to work hard, stay present, and have fun.

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