Nikki D’Amico


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Certification from Mat Pilates


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    In Studio

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Perhaps my greatest inspiration was my dancing teacher and mentor, Patsy Swayze, who taught me the kind of happiness that comes from discipline and practice. She had an incredible work ethic, she was kind, encouraging, she did not tolerate laziness, and she helped me appreciate the grace that comes from strength. To this day she is with me whenever I teach.

Why I Practice

The principles of Pilates—core training, balance, strength and precision—are what I was trained in as a professional dancer, so it was a natural progression for me and one whose benefits I clearly understood. At any age, Pilates keeps you toned, strong and centered.

Why I Teach

I love inspiring others and watching them progress. It's incredibly satisfying to share my passion and spark enthusiasm. As my students transform, there's nothing more gratifying than encouraging them and playing a role in helping to make their live's better.

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