Nora Heilmann


Training Certifications:

Jivamukti Advanced Certification
Jivamukti Teacher Training 500-hour
Jivamukti Teacher Training 300-hour
Svaha Yoga Teacher Training 500-hour
OM Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour
Anatomy / Physiology 50-hour training


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Kind and compassionate people who care for human and nonhuman animals alike. The practice of meditation and pranayama. The presence of the two lungs of earth: green lung (trees) and blue lung (oceans).

Why I Practice

The practice of yoga in its many aspects helps me stay calm, steady, clear, and balanced. I practice so that I can be present to the moment and to what is. I practice simply because I enjoy it!

Why I Teach

Yoga practice can be deeply healing and restore our relationship with ourselves, others, and the planet. Teaching is a wonderful opportunity to create community and experience togetherness as a collective, breathing organism. By sharing yoga with others, I would like to empower students to create inner peace at any given moment, bringing an increased sense of balance into their lives and the world, act with awareness, and reside in the spaciousness of the present moment.

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