Rena Chase


Training Certifications:

B.S. Occupational Therapy
50-Hour Teacher Training with Erich Schiffman
100-Hour Anusara Advanced Immersion with Maritza
200-Hour Teacher Training with Christina Sell and Darren Rhodes
300-Hour Teacher Training with Noah Mazé
Life Coaching for Teachers with Elena Brower
Spirit Coaching with Master Teacher Amrito Cross


  • Rena teaches:

    In Studio

  • Teaching Locations:

    Mill Valley

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My supportive husband, Chris, and our two beautiful boys, Luke and Ethan, are my daily inspiration. They are the true reason why I teach yoga.

Why I Practice

I am empowered by the combination of both physical and mental focus that is required in the practice of yoga. The inner grace in which I continue to develop as an eager student keeps me learning and growing as a mama, wife, teacher, and human.

Why I Teach

Teaching yoga allows me to be in aligned service, the greatest gift of all.

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