Stephanie Greco


Training Certifications:

YogaWorks Teacher Training 200-hour
YogaWorks Teacher Training 300-hour


  • Stephanie teaches:

    In Studio

  • Teaching Locations:

    Studio City

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All of my teachers. My amazing family and friends who love me unconditionally. My cat who teaches me patience daily. And all those who selflessly work to make this world a more compassionate, kind, and accepting place to be.

Why I Practice

To connect back to my truth. To still the chatter of the mind and to tap into the innate wisdom of the body.

Why I Teach

Yoga is one of the greatest means to healing, self-discovery, and joy that I have found. As an avid practitioner with a strong desire to help others, it is an honor to be able to share this gift with my students and see the effect it has in their own lives.

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