Toni Kuhn


Training Certifications:

500-hour Yoga Works Trained
AFAA Group Exercise since 1996


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    In Studio

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I am inspired by my students, and my family. Additonally, Ashley and Dani have been amazing mentors and I contiually draw from their teachings.

Why I Practice

Practicing yoga helps to ease my arthritic pain and helps to keep the muscles around my joints strong. It restores balance in my busy life and brings me peace.

Why I Teach

I have a lot of compassion and patience for students new to yoga or that have physical limitations. With my own experiences with arthritis, I want to share my knowledge with others. I understand the need to find the balance between moving the body and resting it. I believe that anyone and everyone can benefit from yoga. It’s my greatest desire to expose as many people as possible to this amazing practice.

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