Vivica Schwartz


Training Certifications:

200-Hour YogaWorks Teacher Training with Maty Ezrati and Chuck Miller, 6-Month apprenticeship with Annie Carpenter, Prenatal Teacher Training with Britta Bushnell


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Organic bamboo clothing, Designing, wearing and spreading the word about eco-conscious clothing, Artist Steve Schwartz

Why I Practice

The practice returns me to the beauty of my own, true nature, my authentic Self. Praticing Yoga is the most powerful tool that I know of that keeps me in the present moment, reminds me to stay focused and learn about myself. I practice Yoga because the flow of energy in the physical body feels awesome, and the tranquility in the mind last way beyond the time on my mat.

Why I Teach

Facilitating someone else's transformation is awe inspiring and humbling! I love to observe the breath becoming deeper and the face softening, the heart opening and the mind focusing. These shifts are powerful, and playing a role in this shift by holding the space for each student to embrace, expand and enjoy their own journey is truly amazing.

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