Caitlin Casella Yoga
Caitlin Casella
Teaching Locations
Training Certification

YogaWorks certified teacher
Teacher trainer for YogaWorks 200 and 500 hour programs
Anatomy studies with Amy Matthews, Leslie Kaminoff, and Jason Brown
Restorative yoga teacher training with Jillian Pransky



Why I Practice

My yoga practice keeps me alert and calm in body and mind. I maintain a physical practice for ease of movement, freedom from pain, and a tactile connection to my surroundings. My meditation practice brings me closer to myself. Exploring the relationship between the external world, the physical body and the deepest layers of the Self has improved my quality of life in ways I never dreamed possible. I continue to learn and marvel at the unimagined gifts that yoga brings.

Why I Teach

Yoga is about relationships. Relating to students in the classroom brings me joy. When we practice yoga and reap its many benefits, this has a positive effect on everyone we come into contact with. Teacher to student, student to teacher, and beyond.


All of my teachers, students, friends and family, my cats, New York City streets, standing near the ocean, thunderstorms, avocados, noodles, chocolate, beautiful black and white photography, funny fiction, handstands, lying on the ground gazing up.