Certification Assessment

YogaWorks is commited to upholding a very high standard of quality for teaching yoga though YogaWorks Certification Assessment. If you are are 500 hour graduate we encourage you to pursue this passion and make a professional statement by becoming certified in the YogaWorks method.  This achievement will indicate that you understand and represent the standards for which YogaWorks is renowned. 

In the absence of federally regulated standards, we’ve created a pathway for teachers to achieve a benchmark that represents the highest level of education and skill: the YogaWorks Certification Process. In addition to a written exam, a panel of senior instructors observe an actual class, awarding certification only to teachers who can hold a room, see students’ bodies, offer appropriate modifications and adjustments, and create a well-organized and intelligent sequence of poses in the YogaWorks Method.

Teachers who earn YogaWorks Certification can:

1) Can title their class style as YogaWorks
2) Qualify to become a lead assistant in the YogaWorks 200-hour Teacher Trainings

Upcoming 2013 Certification Assessments
San Francisco: April 19 (Written) April 27/28 (Practical)
New York: June 15 (Written), June 16 (Practical)
Los Angeles: October 3 (Written), October 12/13 (Practical)
New York: December TBA

Free Prep Workshops
San Francisco: April 14, 11-12:30
Los Angeles: September 21, 12:30-2:30 (Westwood)

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To be eligible for the Certification Assessment, students must complete 500-Hours of approved YogaWorks course work. The 500-Hours can be accumulated in two ways:

1) 200-hour Teacher Training + 300-hour Professional Program

2) 200-hour Teacher Training + 300 hours of approved electives, including Teacher Intensives and teaching related workshops.

Assessment Format

The Certification Assessment includes both a written and practical teaching exam. For the practical exam, you will be given a group of asanas one week in advance and will be assigned a 30-minute timeslot in which you teach infront of a panel of senior YogaWorks teachers.

How to Prepare

A free preparation workshop may be scheduled before each Certification Assessment. You may also request a certfication study guide by contacting your local Teacher Training program advsior. 

If paid 14 days or more prior to written exam
If paid within 14 days of written exam