Your favorite yoga class meets a muscle-burning ballet barre workout for the ultimate fitness mashup. Our signature BarWorks® class offers total-body toning and conditioning through the smart anatomy-informed sequencing of simple but precise ballet-inspired moves. The challenging workout works to boost balance, strength and flexibility—all to an intensely inspiring soundtrack.


The total-body conditioning method first adopted as cross-training by New York City ballerinas can also be used to rehab and prevent injury by athletes. YogaWorks’ intensively trained Pilates professionals teach the repertoire of moves originally designed by founder Joseph Pilates, aims to safely increase strength, flexibility, and endurance without adding bulk. Challenge your core in new ways to build stability, refine your posture, strengthen your back—and maybe even reshape your butt.


When your body needs a boot camp but your mind craves a yoga vibe, there’s CoreWorks. These sweaty conditioning classes aim to max out your post-workout calorie burn and tease your body into toning up from head to toe by combining progressively challenging intervals of cardio with lower-body, upper-body, and core strength training with this no-muscle-left-behind workout.


This dynamic resistance-training method uses your own bodyweight along with gliding discs and stretch bands to hit all your hardest-to-access muscles. These training tools up the ante in moves like lunges, pushups, skaters and pikes to intensely challenge your core strength and stability. Let go and move with music toward a longer, stronger, more balanced body.


Build next-level core strength and stability with TRX®. This circuit workout uses suspension trainers (developed by the Navy SEALs), resistance equipment, your own bodyweight and other tools to challenge you from every angle. The idea is to boost muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, core stability, balance, and flexibility—all at once. Sound hard core? It is (literally). But it is also a fun, effective, functional fitness method, set to music, that is appropriate for everyone from seniors to professional athletes.

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Integrated Fitness Instructor and Teacher Trainer, Maeve McCaffery explains how our classes are designed to align, stabilize and elongate the body to help you in both your day to day life and in your practice.

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