Yoga Studio Etiquette Uncovered

Going to a yoga class can definitely be nerve racking the first few times you go in. There are a whole bunch of rules, some spoken some not, that you may or may not know about. Here are the big do’s and don’ts that are relevant for almost all studios:

Arrive Early

15 Minutes is enough time- Especially if this is your first time at the studio. You’ll have to sign in, sign a waiver and find your spot in the room. You can also take this opportunity to introduce yourself and mention to the instructor that you are new. There is nothing worse then showing up late and having to move people around in the room just to find your spot. Some studios won’t even let you in if you’re late. So ditch the stress ahead of time and just show up early

Shoes Off!

Most studios have an area outside the classroom for your shoes, it should be pretty obvious, but if it isn’t I’d still err on the side of caution and leave your shoes outside the room.

Quiet Please!

This is different in every studio, but in most cases, people are stretching/meditating/laying down and preparing themselves for the start of class. There is nothing more distracting than two friends gabbing it up while you are trying to find your “zen”. If you’re meeting a friend, just set yourself up and then step outside to catch up before class starts. That goes for phones too, just put them on silent mode, it will feel great to be disconnected for an hour.

Don’t leave early!


Again, this is different at every studio, some instructors don’t mind if you have to run out before savasana because you have to get to work/home etc. Just let them know in advance that is something you are going to do. They’ll let you know whether it’s ok or not. The caveat is…try and be packed up and out of the room before the rest of the class settles into savasana, the noise you’re making is incredibly distracting and I’m sure you will end up getting judgey eyes from everyone around you.

That’s it (at least for the big ones)! See, it’s not so bad. Yoga classes are not the PGA tour and there is no reason to be intimidated. Every student who practices yoga at some point walked into a studio for the first time and had those same kinds of worries, you learn fast! So start now!

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