Inside the MyYogaWorks studio: Get to know David Kim Off the Mat

david kimWe wanted to give you the chance to get to know our yoga instructors on a more personal level. In our “Inside the MyYogaWorks studio” interview series we asked our instructors a number of questions about their relationship with yoga. Below is our interview with David Kim.

How did you get into yoga?

I was initially drawn by the physical challenge of yoga, especially after my first foray into an Ashtanga class at my gym.  The raw, focused, and quieting intensity was so effective at clearing my mental stress – my practice soon shifted from that of a purely physical workout to more of a spiritual exercise.

What is your favorite yoga style?

I love the intellectual clarity of the Iyengar system; the meditative movement and dexterity of Ashtanga; and the mindfulness groundwork of Yin Yoga.


What do your students say about you?

Students tell me that I have a clear way of expressing myself, and that I offer innovative ways of approaching sequencing and individual postures.  They appreciate my attention to detail, and the bits of dry humor to lighten a challenging class.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

My favorite pose is the one that grounds me and balances my focus and energy — on some days, it could be a Handstand; on others, it could be Savasana.  Ultimately, being truly awake in the moment is what enlivens any pose.

What is your go to yoga apparel?

I like the fit and style of Lululemon shorts and tops, which are sturdy enough for a strong practice, but also breathable and moveable.  I’m hoping that more companies will make functional men’s yoga clothes, using sustainable materials, such as organic cotton or hemp.

david kimWhy did you want to be a MyYogaWorks instructor?

For years, students who have moved away, or who travel frequently, have asked me for online yoga classes.  Being a MyYogaWorks instructor allows me to stay connected with ANY student who lacks the time or option to practice in a studio, and gives me the opportunity to share a practice that’s been so humbling and powerful in my own life.

Take one of David’s MyYogaWorks yoga classes online.

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