What to Wear to Yoga Class

Many beginner yogis ask us how they should dress for a yoga class.  Here are some tips to help demystify this question so you can get started on your yoga practice.

First and foremost, you want to wear clothes that you are comfortable in.  If you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing to your yoga class, you won’t be able to focus on what is important – your yoga practice!

Eclipse Legging

Tempt Me Tank


In keeping with being comfortable in your yoga clothes, you want your clothes to be fitted enough so that you can visibly see your muscles engage throughout the class. But shouldn’t be too fitted where you feel too constricted or uncomfortable.  Of course it depends on the person, but in general a semi-fitted top (we love the Tempt Me top by Ellie) that isn’t cut too low in the front and doesn’t ride up on the bottom works well with shorts or pants that aren’t cut too low in the waist (We recommend the Eclipse Legging by Ellie).

More specifically for men, running shorts tend to work well because they are lightweight and aren’t too baggy, but they also typically have a built-in liner.


Depending on what type of yoga you’re doing would determine what you might wear as well.  If you are taking a sweaty vinyasa class, wear lighter weight clothing or less clothing (i.e. shorts instead of pants) so you aren’t thinking about how hot you are while holding plank.  In a more restorative type class you won’t get very hot so your primary focus should be on comfort.


Whether you prefer natural fabrics or synthetic, lightweight moveable fabrics are best as they are the most comfortable (keep your jeans at home). Your choice of fabric should be related with the type of class you are taking. If you are going into a Vinyasa Flow or Hot Yoga class you definitely want to wear a material that wicks sweat away. If you are going to a slower pace Yin Yoga Class where you won’t be sweating as much, then the fabric won’t be as important.

Natural fabrics (such as linen, cotton) – are usually durable, have high water absorption (they hold on to more sweat), shrink easily, have high breathability

Synthetic fabrics – Usually very durable, have low water absorption, don’t shrink as easily as natural fabrics, sometimes have less breathability than natural fabrics (depending on the material and blend).

Recently yoga brands have been experimenting with different blends of synthetic and natural fabrics in order to create clothes with the breathability of natural fabrics, but with the functionality of synthetic ones so you can have the best of both worlds. EllieLululemonLorna Jane, & Beyond Yoga are all great options for any style of Yoga.

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