My Favorite Peach Recipes

Peaches are one of my favorite fruits as they are low in calories, are a great source of fiber, potassium, and vitamins A and C, and they satisfy my sweet cravings.  Peaches are in season from about May until September.  When picking them out, smell is a good indicator of flavor as their flavor and sweetness only develops when they are on the tree.


Peaches aren’t just great for pie!  They are actually very versatile, and I’ve come across a few simple, healthy, and delicious recipes that I’d like to share with you.

I love the combination of grilled fish with peaches because it is healthy, sweet, satisfying, and refreshing.  This halibut with peach and pepper salsa recipe has all of those qualities plus a little kick from the pepper.

I love smoothies, but at times it’s hard to find ones that are filling.  This vegan-friendly peach oat smoothie recipe is great for breakfast on the go as it’s tasty and will keep you full until lunch.

Have vegan and non-vegan guests?  These vegan peach berry crumbles are sure to satisfy both ends of the spectrum.  I also love that this recipe doesn’t contain soy products or dairy substitutes, which is what I seek in a vegan recipe.

Another way to enjoy peaches (and to take advantage of the grill in these remaining days of summer) is to slice the peaches into big chunks, drizzle with grapeseed or olive oil, and grill about 2-5 minutes until juicy and charred.  You can then serve them as an all around crowd-pleasing dessert such as grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream recipe.  I also love this decadent grilled peaches with ricotta and balsamic reduction recipe.

What are your favorite peach recipes?  Please share in the comment section!

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