My First Lorna Jane Experience

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I’ll start out by saying that prior to last week I did not own a single Lorna Jane piece of clothing, for no other reason than the fact that I have an abundance of expensive exercise attire and didn’t see the point in branching out.  I rectified this immediately when MyYogaworks started doing partnerships with Lorna Jane as I felt silly discussing the brand with no real basis of comparison.

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I walked into a Lorna Jane store and was immediately greeted by an adorable Australian sales rep Christella who clearly lives and breathes the brand. It reminded me of my relationship with Nike. Nike was a brand I grew up with that I have been fiercely loyal to no matter the athletic adventure I was on. I came to find out that this is exactly what the Lorna Jane brand is to active women/girls in Australia.  The whole time I was trying stuff on Christella stood outside the room and gave me the full history of  Lorna Jane, their products, and the Move, Nourish, Believe mantra that the company lives by. Each item Christella brought in looked better than the last and I was beginning to understand what it means to be fashion forward in workout gear while still being functional. Quite frankly it would have changed my awkward tween tomboy days if I had the luxury of growing up with Lorna Jane.

I ended up with the trapeze bra which I was really skeptical of considering I am rather full chested.  I usually go for full coverage and heavy support which unfortunately always results in ‘uniboob’ and never looks stylish. I thought this bra was WAY too cute to offer the support I needed, but after taking it for a spin, (literally – I took a spin class) I found out how wrong I was.

I also got the Amy pants, destiny excel top and the Affinity excel tank. Both tanks fit perfectly and are really comfortable. The best part is they function as dual-action workout clothes as I go from work to yoga class with no need for an outfit change.

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As I was leaving Lorna Jane, Christella reminded me that every month they release tons of new styles which will inevitably keep me coming back for more stylish apparel!

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