What is Surya Namaskar A?

Surya Namaskar A, sometimes referred to as a “Vinyasa” or “Sun Salute A”, is a series of asanas, or poses, linked with breath and often performed 5 times.  Each movement is initiated by an inhale or exhale which creates a fluid movement through the postures.  If you are a new to sun salutes, you should focus on linking your breath with your movement through the postures, in other words, only hold the postures as long as your inhales or exhales, and then move on to the next posture.  Each yogi’s Surya Namaskar A looks different if they are linking their breath with movement.

Some benefits of Surya Namaskar A include: 

  • initiates movement
  • connects breath and movement in a vivid and tangible way
  • shifts consciousness into the practice, body, and breath
  • heating, warms up stiff muscles
  • builds strength and opens the body
  • increases circulation
  • can be cardiovascular, thus benefits the heart
  • reduces sluggishness and agitation
  • energizing

The sequence of postures involved in Surya Namaskar A:

surya1 surya2 surya3 surya4Other videos to help you with your Surya Namaskar A:

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