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Online Yoga videosWhat is your advice for students that are hesitant to try practicing yoga at home with MyYogaWorks?

Advice I have for students that may be a little hesitant to try practicing yoga at home would be to give it a try and see for yourself. Gone are the days of workout tapes that are hard to follow, unattainable, and/or BORING! exists so you can bring a real life class experience into your living rooms. To give you another option to get your yoga on for the days you find yourself sitting in traffic, missing the class that you planned on attending at your favorite studio. (We’ve all been there, am I right?)

After so many years of doing yoga, how do you keep your practice fresh?

After ten years of doing yoga, I keep my practice fresh by listening to my body for what it craves and without judgment, just do that. Even if it means, stepping out of the four corners of my yoga mat comfort zone. If it craves cardio, martial arts, or dance, yoga gets to be my refuge, a quiet place of peace, recovery, and meditation.  If it craves a deep and powerful asana practice, yoga challenges me both physically and mentally, beckoning me to approach my edge without losing grace and acceptance for my body’s limits.

online Yoga videos

How do you stay motivated and consistent with your practice?

For me yoga is a lifelong practice, serving up lessons along the way, perfectly ripe for each season. There is wisdom that comes from years of living and breathing in our bodies. All we have to do as practitioners is get quiet enough to listen for it. That is how I stay motivated to return to my mat daily over the past decade. I’m actually captivated by the story my body has to tell. Some days it’s a tragedy and others a comedy, but if I truly listen, it always ends as a love story.

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